About Us

Welcome to KSG Group of companies, a fastest growing company in India. We offer a wide range of manpower solutions. From an individual service to a team of experts, KSG Group provides great services to its clients. With a thorough assessment and estimation, we offer an extensive range of services such as corporate building, events, hospitality solutions, business houses and a lot more.

Our company has a well trained, loyal and motivated team of experts. We understand that your business wants reliable, trustworthy and dedicated support and we provide the same.

Our Mission

We are committed to offering consistency in our services with a safe, customer oriented, inventive and secure approach. The range of safe services in our company will allow our discerning clients to remove risks and regulate their business environment. We pay a great attention to our manpower staff so that our clients receive the best services and be satisfied.

Our vision

We are working with a vision to be known as the most preferred name when it comes to offering manpower solution to both domestic and global clients. We ensure our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

Our Services

KSG Group is playing a pivotal role in the success of several companies and industries. We are helping them to find specialized, efficient and in time services. KSG is committed to offer its clients perfect profiles at a remarkably fast paced mode.

Facility Management and Manpower Services

KSG Group of companies provides maintenance services for different corporate, business and residential buildings. We offer our support to both mechanical and electrical divisions. In our company, field technicians are always ready to handle any emergency with problem solving approach.

Guest Home Management

We provide a customized guesthouse management as per client’s specific demand and requirements. With our profound knowledge in this industry, we are offering consistent and the most helpful Guest House Management services.

Commercial Cleaning

KSG group is one of the leading companies offering commercial cleaning solutions. Our staff is skilled in cleaning all kinds of premises and buildings from retail spaces to restaurants and corporate offices. We serve lots of clients with regular maintenance appointments and offer consistent services at the most affordable price.

Garden and Horticulture Services

Our clients also trust us for gardening and horticulture services. Our gardening staff has great knowledge and proficiency in plant and garden care, green debris removal, preventive disease control, non-toxic methods, research, insect control, seasonal colors and custom container gardens.

KSG Group of companies

We have a number of clients in India. Our holistic series of human resource management solution include manned, talent management, advance instruction and consultancy. KSG Group has a multicultural, motivated and trained workforce with a go-getting organic development plan.

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